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COOP (Check Out Our Project) is a flexible community formed in 2018 to experiment with new forms of art activities, consisting of three gallerists, Jung Jaeho (Gallery2), Yeo Joonsoo (Gallery Chosun), and Kim Inseon (Space Willing N Dealing).   


To develop a self-sustaining role in the art world, it is time for the mutual cooperation between art institutions. The distribution of art works is to create a circular structure for continuing creative activities. And the participating of galleries and collectors in the distribution of artworks are another art activities that create not only selling and purchasing but also a cultural enjoyment that makes our lives rich and meaningful. In order to create diverse forms of art market, the COOP team is developing art contents by creating a market structure with as much information and network as possible.

The project by COOP, <SOLO SHOW> is a program on researching art market with galleries we have interacted with. It is creating various types of experimental events by applying the existing 'art fair' format and 'well-planned exhibition' format at the same time. It studies the structure and role of audiences, works, and distributors through the medium of exhibition, while varying the size and method of each event.

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