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○ period 2 ~5 Dec. 2021 (preview : 1 Dec. 3pm)  
○ venue : One Edition Art Space

(622-5 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-guSeoul)
○ organize by COOP  (Gallery2, Space Willing N Dealing, Gallery Chosun)
○ supported by ait instutute
○ partucipants

Gana Art : Park Sukwon
Kukje Gallery : Kim Yong-Ik
Gallery2 : Jin Meyerson
Gallery Chosun : Jeong, jeongju
Gallery Hyundai : Yun-Hee Toh
Leeahn Gallery : Nam Tchunmo
Space Willing N Dealing : Yeesookyung
Esther Schipper Gallery : Florin Mitroi
Johyun Gallery : Yoon Jong Suk
KÖNIK : Katharina Grosse
Hakgojae : OH Se-Yeol
PKM Gallery : Suh Seung Won

<SOLO SHOW: 福德房> is a title that reflects the original function and purpose of this place called a ‘model house’ and expresses the contact point with the space where art can be introduced and traded. It highlights the original meaning of "福德房, a space that gives happiness and virtue" and presents a place where art can create rich sensibility and higher value.
In particular, this exhibition aims to differentiate itself from previous SOLO SHOW by introducing the artists aged 50 or older who are being presented in each space. Through steady artistic activities, it is meaningful to convey the dense meaning that can be found in our daily lives from the work attitudes of the older generation.

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