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11월 10일~11월 14일
SOLO SHOW : 신∙세계  백∙화점(新∙世界 百∙畵店) 
◯ 장소 : Shinsegae Department Store 센텀시티점9층 문화홀
◯ 주관, 후원 : Shinsegae Department Store
◯ 참여 공간 : 
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The title of SOLO SHOW held in Busan, < 新∙世界 百∙畵店>, combines the historical and artistic characteristics of Shinsegae Department Store, the venue. Since its first establishment in 1930, Shinsegae, which invited the event, has been practicing the best marketing for customer satisfaction by creating a place where numerous products are traded as a representative department store in Korea. Comtemporary art created another meaning of exchange activities through <SOLO SHOW> to be held at Shinsegae Department Store, while providing a place and time to form a rich and leisurely quality of life. In addition, it is all the more meaningful in that it is possible to promote exchanges with galleries in other regions, including Busan, and discuss and consider local art development by holding SOLO SHOW that have only been held in Seoul since 2018.

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