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  • 7, Tongil-ro 11-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea​     

  • 2018. 10.25(thu)~28(sun)

  • ​Gana Art, gallery chosun,  Gallery PLANET, ERD, Gallery 2, Space Willing N Dealing, Amado Art Space, ARTSIDE gallery, oneroom, HAPJUNGJIGU, Gallery OOOJH, Johyun Gallery, Hakgojae Gallery, Whistle, MK2, P21

<SOLOSHOW> is a temporary event where galleries gather in different places outside of fixed spaces and time zones. We are looking for a temporary space where there is no content or empty space to repurpose. The creation of a unique exhibition environment by COOP produces maximum efficiency due to cost savings as part of an interesting and new art market. 

Each gallery participating in the event introduces only one artist, prioritizing promotional activities rather than sales activities. This reflects the gallery's important original role in considering and supporting the artist's activities, not only to reveal the value of the work at the price of the work.

This show which is made of several individual exhibition would maximizes the promotion and marketing effects as well as create more trust to viewer about the artist introduced by each gallery. At the same time, it will be a content that can provide art lover with services that can enjoy contemporary art in various ways.

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