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  • Online Viewing Room

  • 2020. 10. 15(thu) ~ 27(tue)

  • ​Gana Art, gallery chosun,  Gallery PLANET, ERD, Gallery 2, Space Willing N Dealing, ARTSIDE gallery, HAPJUNGJIGU, Gallery OOOJH, Johyun Gallery, Hakgojae Gallery, Whistle, P21, Baik Art, Gallery Shilla, This Weekend Room, COCA Busan, Factory2, Kim Sung Woo, 

"SOLO SHOW:ON" is a 2020 version of SOLO SHOW that replaces the physical environment with an online platform. And it established an event to communicate with audiences and customers by utilizing the unique environment of participating spaces.


This is an alternative form against COVID-19 situation requiring boundaries to physical face-to-face environments, while also seeking flexibility rather than contraction of art activities.

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